“I had no experience with acupuncture but came to see Peggy for an inner ear infection. Her treatment relieved my issue/discomfort and she radiates a feeling of caring about me.”

~Renate T.

“Migraines are what brought me in to see Peggy and my treatment has been amazing. …they have been greatly reduced in frequency and intensity; she has also done a magnificent job treating neck discomfort and bladder issues that I have had.

When in Peggy’s office I have always felt valued and important, I feel like she is aware of my needs and considers every possible solution to treat me.

In addition, Peggy offers a wonderful listening ear and helpful advice for whatever ails me. I consider her an indispensable part of my well-being and I know that the quality of my life has improved greatly due to the compassionate and gentle care I have received.”

~Debi N.

“I had severe pain in my lower back caused by disc degeneration. My surgeon informed me that an operation would not reduce or cure my pain. Treatment with Peggy has reduced my back pain substantially and the quality of my life has improved 10 fold!

I was impressed with Peggy’s ability to identify the source and location of the pain then effectively treat it.

Peggy has numerous procedures for treating other medical problems, all one has to do is tell her what it is you want to correct and if possible, she can treat it.

The atmosphere in the clinic is very professional; the treatment rooms are very private, quiet, warm, and very clean.”

~Michael S.

“My chief complaint was numbness and muscle tension and treatment with Peggy has greatly decreased my numbness and has given me relief from the tension and associated pain and discomfort.

I appreciate Peggy’s connection with me and her interest and accompanying wisdom and knowledge in multiple areas of health, wellness and prevention.”

~John L.

“My wife and I originally started seeing Peggy for migraines, allergies, and shin splints and after amazing results, have stayed with her for many years. I am sensitive to needles but Peggy has a very nice touch and most of the time I don’t feel anything.

I had recent reconstructive knee surgery and with care from Peggy, even at my age (50), my knee is now 100% and my doctors and physical therapists are amazed.

Peggy has been invaluable in helping me maintain a high level of fitness and with other issues such as sleep, stress, energy, and liver function, among others.

She genuinely cares about her patients’ well being, and her warmth and ready smile always make a visit to her a welcome respite.

I think that acupuncture is an art as much as a science, and education can only take one so far, and Peggy has transcended the confines of acupuncture as science. She is an artist.”

~Tom R.

“I suffer from chronic sciatic pain which Peggy has successfully treated for the last few months. She has been great and I can’t thank her enough!”

~Domenica S.